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May 1, 2008

some convergence around DT

1. A good number of the key voices will be part of the IIT/ID event this year:

2. Roger Martin was a speaker in 2007 and there’s a recording of his talk here:

3. Someone was impressed by the thoughts and summarized the talk with their own perspectives here:


Moon and Stars Converge

October 24, 2007

Just as DFW-UPA and the STC (Lone Star Chapter) came together to host the Design Thinking event, in May 2007 the Product Development and Mangement Association (PDMA) and the Institute for International Research (IIR, not a stranger to UPA) hosted a conference in Boston that focused on strategy and design thinking. They even secured “8 out of BusinessWeek’s Top 25 Champions of Innovation” to speak at the event. And they had Business Week’s Bruce Nussbaum live (we just mentioned him, sigh — he was elsewhere during our event: “Connecting07 World Design Congress“).

But this was their 5th event. Back in 2002, in Chicago, a key message was (recognize this?): “How to Think Differently, The First Step Toward Innovation

We definitely need to stay on top of all these conversations!

nice coverage in user experience-focused community blog

October 20, 2007

Tom Humbarger picked up the topic and nicely covered several points in this Design Thinking discussion in the Catalyze blog.

great event; successful start to a meaningful conversation

October 19, 2007

It’s been one of those incredibly beautiful and most perfect October days here in Dallas, where over 150 folks attended the first Design Thinking conference. IMC2 provided a fantastic venue. In fact, all the sponsors deserve a big round of applause: Microsoft, Usability Sciences, Cox & Hall and IMC2. Photos from the event are now available on the backpack page.

Plus a survey to tell us what you think. DFW-UPA + Lone Star STC

DT is now all set.

October 19, 2007

all the planning’s planned…

all the organizing’s organized…

Now to Elicit Conversation and Inspire Business Differentiation!

from innovation to trend in a heartbeat

October 16, 2007

Build, launch, tweak, measure, repeat. Digital experiences seem to be ‘always in beta’–learning and evolving along the way.”

To mull over the entire article, start mulling here

might it be that maybe designers don’t necessarily “get it” ?

October 14, 2007

An article which is critical to our conversation by Bruce Nussbaum from BusinessWeek. Nussbaum is assistant managing editor in charge of the magazine’s innovation and design coverage.

Titled “Design vs. Design Thinking” this is a conversation continuing on the topic raised by Christopher Fahey’s recent comments.